』: The heavy sounds of trashbins colliding with the cement resounded throughout the area of which Vanitas chased down his ” target “. A lesser demon of old age, Quite powerful compared to those he’d met prior to this encounter. It was swift, Its blows quite powerful and it’s capable to dodge the ravens attack was off the charts until it had grown fatigued, huddling into a corner. Perhaps cowering and crying out in a language unknown to both the raven and those in the vicinity of he and said demon.

❝ There’s no point in calling for help. Your little buddies will be returning to the true Underworld where you all belong. You won’t be alone, ❞ Vanitas explains with a dangerous lack of empathy in his voice, whilst pointing his favored crossbow at the lesser demon. ❝ I’ve had quite some trouble tracking you down, Yazka. You’re pretty good at hiding. It’s as if you knew I was coming for you. ❞

He wouldn’t allow it to delve into the shadows for safety, plunging a single arrow into it’s cranium before it could be afforded a chance at survival. It’s blood was an odd color. A purplish-blue that splatters across the cold gray leaving behind a disgustingly unappetizing odor. He wretches, hand moving up ]to mask his nose from the horrid smell.

The remnants of Yazka had begun to disintegrate into nothingness, signaling the death of the beast. Vanitas felt a sense of satisfaction upon leaving the scene. Whatever had been left would soon be burned away. A demons blood when left to the open, often evaporated along with the body. Another day had passed. Radiant Garden was closer to being cleansed of demonic filth. Or so he’d hoped. Walking, whistling a merry tune as if he hadn’t committed an unforgivable crime, Vanitas spots a familiar face in the distance of the night. ❝ Well, Would you look who it is. Shouldn’t you be in bed, Artemisa ?

Trashcans… She was pretty sure she had heard trashcans hitting the pavements… At pair, Artemisa was sure she heard the sound of footsteps… Footsteps that sounded as if the stranger in question was running… And that only brought more curiosity to the petite fencer. Someone was running away from something in that alley, and even if her common sense was screaming for her to run… Somehow she just had to know who was the runner… Maybe if she was lucky, she would find the chaser too. 

Either way, she was prepared for danger, so she was not that worried about something happening to her. After all, if curiosity killed the cat, or in this case the girl, satisfaction brought it, her, back…. Hopefully she wouldn’t lose one of her lives, though… She only had one of those, while cats had nine.

Hearing a familiar voice interrupt her internal monologue, Artemisa’s head snapped up, only to find her best friend, and coincidentally the person she liked, whistling merrily and coming out of the same alley from where all that noise was coming from… An alley that now was surprisingly silent. Blinking in surprise, Artemisa’s eyes darted suspiciously to the alley and then back to Vanitas, there was something fishy going on, she could feel it.

Rolling his eyes at his comment, she skipped up to him and poked his side softly. “I am legally and adult, Vanitas. I don’t have a bedtime, neither do I need one. Either way, even if I were at my house, I would be probably doing homework.” Shrugging softly, Artemisa took the liberty to take his hand in her own. “And what are you doing? Are you okay? I heard strange noises from the alley you came out of.”

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" eh? one can get red because of that? " Sora raised a brow, obviously puzzled. Seeing as Artemisa chuckled, Sora smiled in return

"oooo! let’s go get more dango! " he grabbed the female’s small hand and dragged her to the dango stall

"Of course one can get red because of that!" Exclaiming this with fervor, Artemisa then smirked softly. "Want me to prove it?"

"By the way… Is dango good? This would be the first time I try it."




Sora chuckled ” like i said, it’s alright. “ 

Quickly, Sora finished his delivery and was quickly scolded by Cloud but as he explained what happened, the blond did not mid and just brushed his late delivery, off that day.

" hmm, so where do you want the tour to begin? " the brunet spoke as he stood beside his bike looking at the petit female.

"Oh well…I will trust you on this." Sighing softly, Artemisa nodded, more to herself than to Sora. Then, after she waited while Sora was being scolded, Artemisa decided to start one of the books she had gotten. "Eh?" Looking up with a blank expression, Artemisa blinked a couple of times before answering. "Mm… Where is the best cafe in the city?"




』: His flush faded, Visage returning to its original pale hue as she proposes her plan to defy ❝ fate ❞. 


❝ I think I like this idea a lot. Let’s hurry to avoid any obstacles that we may encounter.  ❞

Letting out a carefree laugh, Artemisa squeezed Vanitas hand and started walking. 


"Well then, let’s start this quest to defy fate!"

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The male was accustomed to both of the different sections of Halloween Town, even knowing every alleyway and street of it. His own home resided just outside of the usual spot that it once was, even being slightly bigger due to the fact that his boss had gotten him an upgrade so that his neighbors couldn’t wake him anymore. It only helped him know more of the town including the area just outside. “Ah, I can help ya with that easy.” 

A soft chuckle left him before he rolled his shoulder to allow for it to pop before he looked at the street sign. “Right now you’re at pumpkin road, you want to head to skull drive and take a right.. from there, you head straight until you see the town hall. Right then, you’ve found Main Street.” He shrugged some, knowing best where everything around there would be able to be found. If needed, he would even show her how to get there.

Initially Artemisa had only wanted the directions to the Main Street, but seeing that the other didn’t seem to be bothered by her question, she decided that it would be better to know the directions to the cafe at once, since that would save her a lot of trouble. But, gods, she did hope the stranger wouldn’t get mad at her for asking for the directions for a different place. She really didn’t want to cause much trouble. That… And she needed to her the directions again since she hadn’t been paying much attention when he was talking and she hadn’t heard all of what he had said.

"Mmm… Excuse me? Could you repeat that, please? And if you could add the directions to the Nightmare Cafe, it would be extremely helpful too." Yes, she realized that the name of the cafe was quite… irregular, but they were in Halloween Town, so the name did match with the theme of the Town. 

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"That must hurt." Alexander himself had never broken a bone, but he had terrible stories about this occurrence.

"It does, so that is why I am going to visit him and try to make him feel better."




The dragon didn’t even think people were out here, but when the voice interrupted the quiet, he looked up. The girl was petite, but could easily wield a blade that would kill him. Stay away, unless you want to be barbecue.

Depositing her book in the floor, Artemisa raised her hands to show that she was not armed, while she glanced at the dragon with curiosity. She had never seen a night fury before, heck, she had never seen a dragon before, so the sight of one in front of her was a curious incident. “I mean no harm.”



Mirroring her expression with a light quirk of a brow Tatsuya leaned back as if considering, an expression such as the girl was sporting not often seen on soft features fueling the slow burn of acceptance in him. Acceptance of heart. “I will be looking forward to it with bated breath then.” He truthfully would, but she wouldn’t know.


Leaning closer to Tatsuya, Artemisa smiled mischievously and gave the other a quick nod. “You will see, I will make you blush in the most unexpected of the moments.” Preferably in front of a crowd, because that way there was no possible way in which he could deny the fact that he was blushing. 

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"You don’t have to worry about me not liking it. I like most of them anyway." He exhaled staring down at his box then back at Artemisa. He then noted the questionable gear slung on her back. "Do you participate in some sort of sport?" He could not remember which sport it was at the very moment, but it has been a long time since he played any type of sport. Since he found out he was unable.

Chuckling softly, Artemisa smiled up at Roxas. “Yeah, I suppose it is difficult not to like such a wonderful dessert.” Oh, that was such a truthful statement, even if she had already eaten hundreds of those chocolate cakes, she could never stop eaten it. “Yep. I am part of my university’s fencing and archery clubs.” And she was damn proud of it, after all those two clubs were the ones that had earned her scholarship.  

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