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Plot 84: Whispering Woods

Muse A lives in a small town just a stone’s throw away from a dense forest, called the Whispering Woods. Every afternoon, especially in the fall, when the leaves are changing color and the air is crisp, Muse A likes to walk through the woods on their way home. Muse A sits on the kissing rock at the mouth of the woods, straps up their boots and inhales the fresh pine before embarking on the winding path to the log bridge. As Muse A crosses the log bridge, one foot over the over, they enjoy the soft ‘whispers’ (for which the woods are named after) of the meandering creek below. The whispers always seem louder in October for some reason, almost comprehensible. Townspeople like to say it’s because the woods are haunted by spirits, but Muse A’s never been the superstitious type. They’ve been frequenting the woods since they were a kid and nothing spooky has ever happened to them before.       

One afternoon, Muse A encounters Muse B in the thick of the towering pines. Muse B looks lost and disheveled, as if they haven’t had a shower or a proper meal in a few days. Concerned for the unfamiliar wanderer, Muse A offers to guide Muse B out of the woods, back to civilization. Muse B instead asks Muse A to stay with them a while; they want to visit the log bridge, their favorite place. Muse A can see that Muse B is the lonely sort, so they agree to walk to the bridge with Muse B; they were headed there anyway. When the pair arrive at the bridge, Muse B struggles to recall why they found this spot so special, or anything about who they are at all to make conversation with Muse A, but they can’t remember. Muse A insists on helping Muse B leave the woods, worried that Muse B might be suffering from amnesia or something worse, but when Muse A gets to the edge of the woods, Muse B, who they thought was right behind them, is nowhere to be found.     

Muse A calls out for Muse B for several minutes and gets no response. The sun is going down and the chill in the air is biting through Muse A’s coat, so they go home. They barely sleep that night, thinking about Muse B and hoping they’re alright, wherever they are. Bright and early the next morning, Muse A returns to the woods, hoping to find Muse B again. Muse B is there at the foot of the log bridge, waiting for Muse A, unsure of how they got there or what’s keeping them bound to these woods. Muse B is a ghost, but doesn’t know it.      

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  • ✚ for a kiss on a wound.
  • ♕ for a kiss of swearing fealty.
  • ✿ for a sweet kiss on the cheek.
  • ♠ for a kiss that leaves a mark on the skin.
  • ♆ for a kiss where there is a pulse.
  • ϡ for a kiss that lets you know I love you.
  • ღ for a kiss filled with passion and need.
  • † for a kiss to say good bye forever.
  • ✄ for hateful kiss — gonna make you feel the scorn okay?!
  • ☂ for a kiss in the rain.



- Neptunia the Animation 01 -

05 - Ne jamais énerver Blanc-chan XD

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#Musing #Face Claim #Faceclaim

#Faceclaim #Face Claim #Musing


                                                     |Behind the Mask|

Muse A and Muse B dspise each other. The mere sight of them at work/school/local establishment turns their stomach into knots of rage. More than eye contacts sends them into wild, barbarous jeers on everything from their clothes to the way their teeth are shaped.

One day, their work/school/local establishment, decides to hold a masquerade ball for charity and the like. Muse A and B, deciding it would be fun, attend. Separately, of course.

With their masks on Muse A and B become completely different people, their true selves, and the chemistry is incredible. They dance and talk and even kiss at nights end, all like a fairy tale. But as the clock strikes midnight, as it were, they both have to go home with promises to meet each other again.

But both are afraid that the fantasy of the night won’t live up to reality, and their dream person won’t be or think they are such a dream anymore in the day light. Conflicted but still interested, Muse A and B agonize over seeing the other again, all the while unaware that their ‘true love’ is the person the seem to hate.

Option 2: Muse B has always been secretly attracted to Muse A, but their hostility has always made them not act on their feelings. The ball and the masks gives them the courage to act, but they are heartbroken to find out that Muse A has no idea it was them that night.

Option 3: Muse A is aware it was Muse B, but it too afraid to say anything. 

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