Rylan only shook his head at her reply. Maybe it was better to let her have the last comment on the subject entirely? He had a feeling she knew that he didn’t care about her flaws. Rylan was a Shadow for Arceus’ Sake. He was a flaw that lived and breathed.

Would she accept it…?

Wait. She already had.

Like he did her flaws.


He knew her, and she knew him. And that alone relieved Artemisa, she liked the fact that Rylan accepted her above anything and she did the same without him having to ask. It meant that they were close, and she really really liked that, after all she hadn’t really had a friend that was as close to her as Rylan was in a while. So she really hoped it stayed like that.  

"That is a relieve…" Smiling softly, she glanced at Rylan, ready to change the topic to a brighter one. "By the way, I will always be there for you. I just wanted to make that clear."

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I missed you, you know.

(Missed you too, friend. I am going to try an stay active too.)

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imageWell that’s good then. I’m glad to be hearing from you after this long!

(I am glad I am back too, I did miss this place a lot.)

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imageI’ve been doing better as of late.

How are you?


(That is good! I am good too, a little overworked with all the projects and the exams but I can manage.)

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fonondrivecreations replied to your post: Hiatus is over.


(Hi Friend! How are you doing?)

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I am back…..

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For some personal reasons, school, personal life, loss of inspiration, etc…  I have decided take a break from tumblr… And skype.. Or really any social network. The hiatus is indefinite so I don’t know when I will come back. Or even if I will…   But when I do, or if I do,  I swear I will reply all I owe.

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